Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - Using Machine Learning to extract topics from a 650 page book.

[This post is continuously updated since I just bought it last night from feedbooks...]

The goal is to allow me to get a quick overview of this 650 page book and figure out where to read (since I know the Steve Jobs story pretty well and I'm more interested in some of the key short stories that I didn't know already).

This is the first try. Haven't used any external data. Didn't model the correlation among topics and changes over time. Software ran for about 1M iterations.

Me: @kinwong
Design Advisor: @inasee
Technical Advisor: @seannyg

0  pixar disney katzenberg
1  baez young egan
2  gass share unix
3  raskin project jef
4  lasseter smith software
5  blue box dylan
6  brother levy hawaii
7  ipod fadell music
8  intensity drop vegetarian
9  perspective objects emotionally
10  einstein heroes ceo
11  music itunes ipod
12  board ceo financial
13  apple company product
14  phone touch glass
15  devices cloud hub
16  sculley macintosh division
17  paul education electronic
18  gates microsoft windows
19  disk frogdesign susan
20  atari alcorn bushnell
21  dylan bono ipod
22  truth campbell levitt
23  markkula ii mike
24  flew release rights
25  costs struck casual
26  macintosh ibm ad
27  coleman players stand
28  macintosh hertzfeld mac
29  reed father erin
30  options stock price
31  kottke friedland zen
32  hewlett book packard
33  sculley pepsi marketing
34  express interfaces intensity
35  suit perfection leaving
36  powell cancer health
37  iger eisner deal
38  intel sec grant
39  wozniak woz personal
40  father school electronics
41  college lsd campus
42  romantic attention condition
43  laser mr ideas
44  ipad digital apps
45  ad commercial ads
46  imac drive tray
47  computer computers show
48  google iphone android
49  murdoch books dinner
50  parents joanne paul
51  amelio woolard ellison
52  lawsuit smartphones steel
53  filter trait maintain
54  eason information hormone
55  powell laurene smith
56  mountain boy pot
57  lisa father simpson
58  jobs steve time
59  raise childhood assistant
60  wayne hp keyboard
61  perot rand lewin
62  stores store johnson
63  rounded fonts bauhaus
64  hurt carrot fasts
65  cancer cook rubinstein
66  people make made
67  debi paris france
68  house found family
69  software products system
70  crowd feet thrown
71  reality distortion field
72  design products simplicity
73  lisa sony drive
74  palo alto wife
75  metal semiconductor feet
76  cook airplane players
77  xerox atkinson parc
78  ive product jony
79  brennan relationship calhoun
80  clow crazy licensing
81  public ipo shares
82  audience onstage appeared

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