Paintball is actually a very physical activity. One strategy I discovered is to sneak behind the enemy line. This approach requires you to fire at the enemy from their rear and in combination with your own team's front heavy firepower. The combination of the 2 puts your enemy in an expremely tough to defend position. In fact, if this is done right sometimes you can catch them off guard from the rear!

It definitely helps to have good allies who can cover you with their fire power while you try to circle around the enemy line. Karel is someone I would call a good ally :)

A picture of the whole team!

First time EVER snowboarding

Location: The beautiful Heavenly ski resort next to lake tahoe.

Since this is my first time ever snowboarding I decided to take the 3 hour long snowboarding class for first timer. One trick I learn is that you're suppose to put your body weight in front of the board, so the picture below is actually the incorrect way of snowboarding. If it weren't because of this random person standing next to me you would think that I'm going at 100 mph... Nethertheless I still think I look pretty cool here.

And thats what happen when you put all your weights on the back of the board...

After 5 hours of snowboarding I eventually get a hang of the basics. I still fall an average of 3-4 times when I go down the green slopes, but its a start!

One final picture of lake tahoe.

Pictures are taken by Sean Gerrish
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