What does 51K Euro buy you?

Even taking into account that it is an one year program INSEAD is not cheap. Once a while though you realize you are getting a good deal on your tuition.

The other day my section got a bonus lecture from Nikos Vettas on Greece and the Euro. Nikos is a super star Greek economist and is advising their government at this very critical time. One topic came up was how you can have a coordinated monetary policy when you don't have a coordinated fiscal policy. My personal feeling is that any talk of a Euro breakup is exaggerated and the monetary policy in the EU will stay quite loose for the time being.

In the words, INSEAD's tuition might get cheaper after all.

MBA Groups

When I tell people that I'm in one of those bigger groups most people become very concern about my well-being. "Are you okay?", "Oh it is going to be tough trying to get consensus", and even "Some groups get physical you know...like fist fights". No fist fights so far :)

What I like about my group is that we are all so different.
  • A Peruvian Lawyer/Banker who has worked and lived in the US and South America.
  • A young management consultant/project manager/Private Equity lady from HK with experience from China to Southeast Asia.
  • A senior Swedish manager with extensive experience in online startups all over Europe.
  • A female Serbian/British Entrepreneur/CEO/Sales/Business Development with experience from Europe to Emerging Market.
  • An Indian CFA analyst and auditor with an IQ higher than you and I combined, and
  • Me
But there's more common among us than you think -- other than we are all super smart, driven, and extremely good looking -- we are all global. We all have experience living or working in a new culture as a foreigner and trying to find our way around a new environment.
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