The Dollar and the Pound

Just as I'm preparing my trip to Britain the US Dollar fell to a 26-year low against the pound. At the same time the Bank of England reported a 3.1% inflation (1% higher than the target 2%). That means my dollar can buy less pounds, and my pounds can buy less fish and chips. Is this a gentlemanly way to treat your guest?

How much is 1.5 hours worth to you?

I was trying to buy a ticket to Boston today and I could either take the 7AM flight and arrive at 7:53PM or take the 8:25AM flight and still arrive at 7:53PM but at an extra $10 cost. This is equivalent to 85 minutes for $10 or $7.06 an hour compensation for being in the airport. How much would you need to get paid to spend an hour in the airport?
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