Digital Media 101 for Writers - What you can do in the next 60 minutes

(I wrote this post for my author friends)

Why you should care?
  • Your online presence is a long-term asset that stays with you even when you move across jobs, projects, companies, and books. It accumulates over time.
  • Building a passionate community allows you guarantee sales of your book, build up future pre-orders, and have the opportunity to mobilize your community for meaningful purpose. (I'm also writing a post with examples of authors who are leveraging their community for the greater good)
What you can do in the next 60 minutes:
  • Sign up for a blogging service - Tumblr (recommended) or WordPress (advanced)
    • This becomes your permanent space online. Make sure that people can subscribe to your blog via RSS and comment on it.
    • (Optional) Get a domain name with your name (e.g.
    • (Optional) Integrate it with disqus commenting system. See the posts on my blog as an example.
  • Signup for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
    • (Optional) Use Tweetdeck or Seesmic to follow your friends.
    • Post interesting short content on twitter/facebook/linkedin “updates”. Occasionally post updates to link back to your blog to buildup your “space”.
  • Subscribe to popular blogs/sites in your topic with a rss news reader.
  • Write posts that are designed to be shared and link generously to other bloggers so hopefully that they would link you back.

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