FIRST Robotics Competition

For the past few weeks I have been helping out at the First Robotics Competition. I was assigned to mentor a new local highschool, and since this is their first year in the competition a lot of work was put into planning the project and organizing the students and mentors. Being a "software engineer" by trade my main contribution is the team blog. Teaching the students was definitely the most exciting part. It was a lot of fun trying to find intuitive ways to describe how a computer takes human instructions and executing them. Pictures and diagrams help. The analogy of someone trying to communicate in a foreign language also helps. I also made sure we promote science and engineering by throwing in a few sales pitch.

The complete group is bigger than this, but everyone else was too busy working :p

My old highschool also has a team competing this year.


  1. Hi I have just started blogging but I love reading about other peoples lives and how they are so similar to mine. I graduated highschool a few years ago and we were very involved in the First robotics competition as well. But while I was interested in hearing about your competition I was more intregued by what you said about working with the students. I have just spent the last four days volunteering back at my highschool and I think I would have to agree about how rewarding working with kids can be. I found in just those four days that I was very involved with there lives and learnt alot from them. Thanks for sharing your stories about your experiences

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